Phone Call Schedule

The GG schedule

Our weekly call alternates between four different weekly calls  to make sure that you get support in lots of different ways throughout the program.

Q/A Hotseat


This is the call where you get to really mastermind with everybody in the mastermind. yahoooo. Everybody will get a chance to be in the “hot seat” and get everybody’s input on one thing they’re struggling with, want thoughts on, etc.



Sound boring? WRONG, this is everybody’s favorite call. Imagine a power hour where you get to work on your business alongside your biz besties. Only pausing to ask questions and get their live support while you’re working. Amazing right?

Guest Expert


Once a month somebody else will come in and present on something different. Pinterest strategies, Launching, green design, etc. You’ll even get the chance to hear from some of your own mastermind ladies! If you would like the chance to present email us with an idea at



Once a month we will “practice” different things. We’ll break out into rooms and practice brand strategy, sales calls, review packages & pricing and more! You'll get live feedback from Carli and others while getting to practice out your new skills

Phone Calendar

The GG schedule

** Please note that some calls may be changed due to holidays & Carli’s travel schedule.